Dentist, Dental Hygienist or Denturist License Application

The Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners' Initial License Application is available below. Once complete with the license application, including your e-signature, your application, along with any supporting documents you may have attached will be emailed directly to Board staff. Where applicable, most of the documentation can be attached to the online application. Other documents like, other jurisdictional license verifications, transcripts, exam scores, etc. are required to be submitted by that generating source. If you forget to attach supporting documents, or there is a delay in doing so, you may email them directly to the Board's info box at [email protected]. You may also deliver your documents by mail/courier to:

Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners

1740 West Adams Street, Suite 2470

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

In addition to the Initial License Application, below are other documents that are useful in your application submission and may also be required as part of your initial application submission. The Initial Application Instructions are included in the application, but are also available, separately, for you to get organized prior to completing your initial application. The Statement of Citizenship form is required for all applicants regardless of how you intend to apply and demonstrates that the applicant satisfactorily demonstrates that he/she is lawfully present to work in the United States. The Verification of a Non-Arizona Dental License form is available for individuals to send to another jurisdiction in which the applicant currently holds, has held or applied for a dental license. Previous Arizona dental license holders are not eligible for a license through the universal licensure pathway regardless of how or why you no longer have an Arizona license. 

INITIAL APPLICATION - online submission



STATEMENT OF CITIZENSHIP FORM - download and save in order to attach to the Initial Application

VERIFICATION OF A NON-ARIZONA DENTAL LICENSE - download, save, print, sign and date and forward to all other jurisdictions for verification of licensure.

Pursuant to section 41-1093.01, Arizona Revised Statutes, an agency shall limit all occupational regulations to regulations that are demonstrated to be necessary to specifically fulfill a public health, safety or welfare concern. Pursuant to sections 41-1093.02 and 41-1093.03, Arizona Revised Statutes, you have the right to petition this agency to repeal or modify the occupational regulation or bring an action in a court of general jurisdiction to challenge the occupational regulation and to ensure compliance with section 41-1093.01, Arizona Revised Statutes.

Pursuant to section 32-4302, a person shall be granted an occupational or professional license or certificate if the person has been licensed or certified in another state for at least twelve months, the license or certificate is in the same discipline and at the same practice level as the license or certificate for which the person is applying in this state and the person meets other conditions prescribed by section 32-4302, Arizona Revised Statutes.

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