Statutes affecting Dental Board Licensees consist of Title 32, Chapter 11 (The Dental Practice Act) and other selective statutes outside the Dental Practice Act in Title 12, Title 13, Title 20, Title 25, Title 32 and Title 36. Below are direct links to the Board's statutes. Please follow this link for a complete document of the Board's Statutes and Rules.

Title 32 Professions and Occupations - Chapter 11 Dentistry - Article 3.1 Licensing and Regulation of Dental Therapists

Application for licensure; requirements; fingerprint clearance card; denial or suspension of application

Dental therapist triennial licensure; continuing education; license renewal and reinstatement; fees; civil penalties; retired licensees and licensees with a disability

Practice of dental therapy; authorized procedures; supervision requirements; restrictions

Dental therapists, clinical practice; supervising dentists; written collaborative practice agreements

Dental therapists; supervising dentists; collaborative practice relationships

Practicing without a license; violation; classification

Licensure by credential; examination waiver; fee

Dental therapy schools; credit for prior experience or coursework

Title 32 Professions and Occupations - Chapter 11 Dentistry - Article 4 Licensing and Regulation of Dental Hygienists

Practicing as dental hygienist; supervision requirements; definitions

Administration and enforcement

Disposition of revenues

Qualifications of applicant; application; fee; rules; denial or suspension of application

Applicants for licensure; examination requirements

Recognized dental hygiene schools; credit for prior learning

Dental hygienist triennial licensure; forfeiture of license; reinstatement; notice of change of address; penalties; retired and disabled licensees

Practicing without license; classification

Employment of dental hygienist by public agency, institution or school

Dental hygienists; affiliated practice relationships; rules; definition

Grounds for censure, probation, suspension or revocation of license; procedure

Dental assistants; regulation; duties