The Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners ("Board") is comprised of 11 members who are appointed by the Governor:  six dentists, two dental hygienists, two public members and one business entity member.

Individuals are appointed to a four-year term and may serve two consecutive terms. Interested parties may apply for appointment with the Governor's Office of Boards & Commissions. As a “90/10” agency, the Board is funded through the collection of application & licensing fees, of which 90% of those revenues are deposited into the Board's fund and the remaining 10% are deposited into the State’s general fund for use as determined by the Legislature.


Board Mission

To provide professional, courteous service and information to the dental profession and the general public through the examination, licensure and the complaint adjudication and enforcement processes; to protect the oral health, safety and welfare of Arizona citizens through a fair and impartial system.


What We Do

The Board examines and licenses individuals who provide dental services.  The Board also accepts complaints against licensed and unlicensed individuals, investigates allegations and takes disciplinary actions for violations of law. The Board licenses and regulates approximately 11,000 licensees and business entities practicing in the state and serves all Arizona citizens who receive dental services.


Board Highlights

As of October 1, 2022 the Board licenses:

5,476 Dentists - a .2% increase from this date a year ago.

5,217 Dental Hygienists - a 1.8% increase from this date a year ago.

9 Denturists - a 25% decrease from this date a year ago.

356 Business Entities - a 30% increase from this date a year ago.