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Common Pitfalls Quizzes

Thank you for visiting this helpful page. It's our intention to periodically create and distribute the Common Pitfalls quizzes and also post them here, on the Board's website. Our hope is that you find them enjoyable and rewarding. While they aren't meant to create acrimony, we understand that some of the "correct answers" will not be received favorably. Please rest assured that all questions, in each Common Pitfalls, have been thoroughly reviewed for accuracy prior to distribution. The main goal of the quizzes is to keep you engaged in Board matters and what the Board sees often in an effort to prevent you from the common pitfalls that lurk in front of you. 

Below are all the Common Pitfalls to date. There are all available as references, but only the current version will still allow responses. The very short quizzes are aimed at giving you the common pitfalls the Board currently sees. Don't worry, the Board isn't keeping track of who answered what; it's completely anonymous, but we guarantee you will learn something (some questions have feedback that will be educational...if not unbelievable). You will even have a chance at the end, of the current version, to provide feedback or request a question(s) that you may be interested in for future Common Pitfalls.

Common Pitfalls V.8, June 2024

Common Pitfalls V.7, March 2024

Common Pitfalls V.6, November 2023

Common Pitfalls V.5, June 2023

Common Pitfalls V.4, January 2023

Common Pitfalls V.3, April 2022

Common Pitfalls V. 2, October 2021

Common Pitfalls V. 1, April 2021


Facts about Fillings

Please see this brochure explaining the advantage and disadvantages of dental materials used for fillings and crowns.

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Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Please see this link to understand what and when (hint: 10 working days) you need to report misdemenaors and/or felonies.

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Strategic Plan

Please see this link to see the latest Strategic Plan.

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Small Business Bill of Rights

Please see this information for licensees in reference to inspections of your dental pratice(s).

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Continuing Education Information

Please see this information for acceptable continuing education and what's appropriate to report for renewing your license.

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