Statutes affecting Dental Board Licensees consist of Title 32, Chapter 11 (The Dental Practice Act) and other selective statutes outside the Dental Practice Act in Title 12, Title 13, Title 20, Title 25, Title 32 and Title 36. Below are direct links to the Board's statutes. Please follow this link for a complete document of the Board's Statutes and Rules.

Title 32 Professions and Occupations - Chapter 11 Dentistry - Article 1 Dental Board


Definition of unprofessional conduct

Scope of practice; definition

Dental board; qualifications of members; terms

Removal from office

Organization; meetings; quorum; staff

Compensation of board

Powers and duties; executive director; immunity; fees; definition

Failure to respond to subpoena; civil penalty

Admissibility of records in evidence

Annual report

Limitation of expenditures

Dental board fund

Business entities; registration; renewal; civil penalty; exceptions

Title 32 Professions and Occupations - Chapter 11 Dentistry - Article 2 Licensing

Persons not required to be licensed

Qualifications of applicant; application; fee

Applicants for licensure; examination requirements

Dental consultant license

Reinstatement of license; application for previously denied license

Dentist triennial licensure; continuing education; license reinstatement; license for each place of practice; notice of change of address or place of practice; retired and disabled licensees; penalties