Continuing Education Affidavits

On your respective renewal application, please select one of the boxes regarding your continuing education (“CE”) and proceed to complete the CE affidavit. 

If this is your first time renewing (initial license issuance date was between 7/1/2021 and your birthday in 2022), please check the box indicating that this is your first renewal, and therefore, no CE affidavit is required. Please complete the continuing education ("CE") affidavit that pertains to your license classification. 

Please follow the below DOs and DON'Ts of continuing education:

Dentist, Dental Hygienist or Denturist License Application

The Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners' Initial License Application is available below. Once complete with the license application, including your e-signature, your application, along with any supporting documents you may have attached will be emailed directly to Board staff. Where applicable, most of the documentation can be attached to the online application. Other documents like, other jurisdictional license verifications, transcripts, exam scores, etc. are required to be submitted by that generating source.

Problems With a Dentist, Dental Hygienist or Denturist

Anyone alleging to have been "harmed" by an Arizona dentist, hygienist or denturist may file a complaint against that professional. In order to file a complaint, please complete the online form below and use the second page, of the complaint form, to describe in detail what you are aggrieving. If you were treated by another licensee before or after the treatment you are now complaining, please provide the contact information for each licensee. If the list of licensees is more than two, please use the link, on the complaint form, to attach a comprehensive list.