Online License Renewal


During the 2021 Legislative session, Senate Bill 1013 passed and was signed by the Governor with an effective date of 1/1/2022. What’s this mean to you? This new law amends the expiration date of all dental licenses from 6/30 every three years to the licensee's birthday every three years. On or before your birthday of the year your license expires, you will be required to submit your renewal application and pay the renewal fee. Your license will expire 30 days after your birthday if your application is not received and your renewal fee is not paid. Even with this new change, the renewal process will not include the mail and delivery of applications to your address of record for you to complete and return. The renewal process will only be online.


Triennial Renewal Fee

  • In accordance with A.R.S. §§ 32-1236, 32-1276.02, 32-1287 and 32- 1297.06, the Board voted and approved on April 2, 2021 to reduce the current triennial renewal fee by 60% for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 renewal cycles. 
  • The NEW triennial renewal fee for a dentist is $204.00, a hygienist is $102.00 and a denturist is $93.20. We encourage you to visit the Board’s website to make the payment for the triennial renewal license when you renew. Please do not remit payment without also completing a renewal application. 


Continuing Education and Late Fees

At its November 5, 2021 meeting, the Board voted to grant continuing education ("CE") extensions and late fee waivers until 6/30/2022 for all renewal applicants whose birthdays are between 1/1/2022 - 6/30/2022. Therefore, you must still complete your renewal and make your renewal payment, but you will have until 6/30/2022 to complete your required CE and you will not incur a late fee penalty if you submit your required CE on or before 6/30/2022. Any renewal applicant who fails to submit a renewal application, fails to pay the renewal fee and/or fails to complete and submit the required CE on or before 6/30/2022, their license will expire on 7/1/2022. The receipt of any renewal application on 7/1/2022 or thereafter will also incur a late fee in addition to the renewal application fee.


DENTIST RENEWAL APPLICATION - (Please download, complete the document and submit your renewal application to [email protected] or mail to 1740 W Adams, Suite 2470 Phoenix, AZ 85007)

HYGIENIST RENEWAL APPLICATION - (Please download, complete the document and submit your renewal application to [email protected] or mail to 1740 W Adams, Suite 2470 Phoenix, AZ 85007)

DENTURIST RENEWAL APPLICATION (Please download, complete the document and submit your renewal application to [email protected] or mail to 1740 W Adams, Suite 2470 Phoenix, AZ 85007)

RENEWAL PAYMENT - Online Submission (Visa or MasterCard) 

CONTINUING EDUCATION EXTENSION REQUEST - Online Submission (No CE extension is required if your birthday falls between 1/1/2022 and 6/30/2022...see CE and late fee explanation above)  

Please note, Board staff will contact you, in writing, if your renewal application is found to be incomplete. Once the Board processes your renewal application, Board staff will send you your license via regular U.S. Mail.

If you are trying to renew for the 2019, 2020 or the 2021 renewal year, or you are retired or disabled, please do not use any link above to complete your renewal application. Please contact staff for the proper renewal application.

Please feel free to contact the Board's office at 602.242.1492 or [email protected], if you have any questions.


Paper Renewals

The renewal application will no longer be provided to you to complete and return to the Board's office. ALL renewals are available in the above-referenced online format. Please use the online process to complete your renewal.


Preferred Web Browser

It is suggested that you use Google Chrome to complete your online renewal.


Continuing Education Affidavits

On your respective renewal application, please select one of the boxes regarding your continuing education (“CE”) and proceed to complete the CE affidavit. 

If this is your first time renewing (initial license issuance date was between 7/1/2021 and your birthday in 2022), please check the box indicating that this is your first renewal, and therefore, no CE affidavit is required. Please complete the continuing education ("CE") affidavit that pertains to your license classification. 

Please follow the below DOs and DON'Ts of continuing education:

DO - Review the Board's rules or your respective affidavit on your CE requirements;

DO - Claim only the credit hours taken July 1, 2019 - birthday of 2022 or June 30, 2022 if your birthday is between 1/1/2022 and 6/30/2022;

DO - Enter the number of hours completed for each category on your affidavit. Please note: MOST categories have minimums, FEW, IF ANY, have maximums; and

DO - Pay special attention to the self-study section of your affidavit and enter the number of self-study hours completed even if the number is zero (0). Self-study is defined in the Board's rules under AAC R4-11-1209 (page 22 of the link).

DON'T - Claim more hours of self-study than allowed on your affidavit, which has already been tailored to the allowable limit; and

DON'T - Throw away your documentation of attendance. The Board's rules require that you maintain your documentation for the most recently completed renewal period.

DON'T - Wait until the last minute to request an extension for your CE requirements. Your extension request must be submitted along with your license renewal and must be postmarked on or before your birthday.


Statement of Citizenship

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 41-1080, all applicants must provide evidence of lawful presence in the United States. Further, A.R.S. § 41-1080 requires documentation of United States citizenship or compliant alien status. If your citizenship status has not changed since the submission of your initial application or your previous renewal, then no further documentation is required.

STATEMENT OF CITIZENSHIP - online submission